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Key Dreams Fishing Reports 2016

KeyDreams, January – February 2016, Coastal Striper Fishing

We brought in the New Year with a serious Cold Snap. Tough North Blow Too Rough. Wind Slowed Water Too Cold. The Lower Bay and Coastal Water Temps dropped 11 degrees during this blow. The Striper we were hoping would give us a Coastal Season Bite swam rite by us and ran offshore. Reports of huge schools of Striper have been seen and harassing the Bluefin Tuna Fishing Boats offshore. ( note- it is illegal to target Striper in Federal Waters.) We didn’t execute any Striper trips this Coastal Season due to the lack of Striper in Legal Striper Fishing waters. It’s still nice to hear they are out there, even if they are not where we want them to be. Maybe next year we will get a whack at them.

KeyDreams, Summary May 2016

The Spring Striper season for the Lower Chesapeake Bay didn’t develop again this year. The weather was not too friendly for us this month but when we did get out looking for them we found the Striper bite to be void again this Spring. Most of the Striper caught this Spring were up the major rivers and North near the Virginia/Maryland state line where the menhaden a major food source for the Striper can avoid the menhaden fishery or around the Virginia’s Eastern Shore as they run in the shallow surf coastline to migrate north on the ocean side. The Flounder bite is starting up, but it also seems to be getting a slow start again this year, There is a notable absence of menhaden in the Lower Chesapeake Bay as we have rarely seen any this month. The few days we found even small schools of menhaden we found flounder. The better Flounder bites so far this month seem to have been in the rivers, harbors and shallow sounds as they are up there making more Flounder babies for us to catch in the future. They should be cruising back out to the big water of the Chesapeake Bay again any day now as the open water warms.

KeyDreams, Summary June 2016

As we rolled into June a larger variety of fish were bighting like Flounder, Shark, Trout, Croaker, Spot, Cobia, Red Drum, Black Drum, Skates, Oyster Toads, Rays and such. The bite was tougher than usual for June, perhaps due to the torrential rain from the Tropical Storms with as much as 8-10 inches of rain at a time that greatly affected the salinity levels and lowered the water temp of the Bay. The storms and Nor’easters also caused us to cancel almost all of our scheduled trips.

KeyDreams, Thurs. 7 July 2016, Flounder

We had a quick morning trip today where Dad got his kids out fishing on this beautiful morning. The Flounder bight was Fair and we did managed to get 7 Flounder with 5 nice keeper Flounder ranging up to 20 inches. We also caught Skates and Oyster Toads, which gave the kids some good rod bending. It was a Fun and Beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay today.

KeyDreams, Fri. 8 July 2016, Flounder

We had a beautiful forecast and family get-together to get this young man out for some flounder fishing with us on this gorgeous day. The Flounder bight was Slow but steady this morning. We managed to get 12 Flounder and 10 in the box ranging 16-22.5 inches. We also caught a variety of the other stuff as well like Skates, and Oyster Toads. It was a fun day. Another beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay.

KeyDreams, Sat. 9 July 2016, Flounder

We had a Family Fun Fishing trip today where Mom and Dad got the kids out fishing with KeyDreams on this beautiful morning on the Chesapeake Bay. The Flounder bight was good and we did managed to get 14 Flounder with 8 nice keeper Flounder ranging up to 22 inches and also caught Skates a Shark and Oyster Toads, which gave these young’uns a little work out. It was a Fun and Beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay today.

KeyDreams, Mon. 11 Jul. 2016, Flounder, Grey Trout

We had a chance to get out just my Mate and I to go catch some more live bait and do some flounder fishing. It was a beautiful morning with calm seas. We loaded up our barrel with live baits then went for the Flounder and got a limit in about an hour including a keeper Grey Trout. They were snappin today and all were keepers up to 22 inches, no throw backs today. It was a beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay to spend with my Mate.

KeyDreams, Sun. 17 July 2016, Flounder

We had a really nice Sunny Day with light winds for a Grandpa to get his Son and 8 year old Grandson out fishing for a half day trip. The Flounder bight was fair today. We ended up catching 6 nice Keeper Flounder in the 20 inch range. We also caught plenty of the Oyster Toads and Skates for some fun rod bending action. Grandpa hooked into a Big Cow Nose Ray, and he worked pretty hard to get it in on the light tackle. He wanted pics and wouldn’t give up on it. Lots of fun watching the battle. It was a fun day on the Chesapeake Bay. It was good to get these guys out fishing, looking forward to getting them out again next year, maybe the Grand Daughter will come for the next trip.

KeyDreams, Sat. 30 Jul. 2016, Flounder

We had a group of friends get together with us today on KeyDreams for a ½ day of Flounder fishing. It was a beautiful day with light winds making the fishing easy. We caught 12 Flounder today with 7 of them Keeper sized up to 19 inches. These guys just seemed love getting out on the water and enjoying a day off work having a good time together. They had plenty of fresh Flounder Fillets to share with friends and family. We still caught the other stuff like skates Oyster toads and such. Lots of Fun.

KeyDreams, Fri. 12 Aug. 2016, Flounder, Spadefish

We had a family outing for the boys to get out fishing with us this morning. It was a beautiful day with light SW winds but just enough to keep it from getting hot out there on the bay. We ended up catching 9 Flounder with 4 of them really nice Keepers ranging from 19 to 22 inches. We messed around with some Spadefish today and ended up putting their limit in the box with one grey trigger fish for a little variety. We also caught the normal other stuff like little Seabass, Oyster Toads and such and got back to the dock before it got really Hot. Lots of Fun.

KeyDreams, Sat. 10 Sept. 2016, Flounder, Bull Red Drum, Puppy Drum

We had a Group of friends celebrating with a fishing bachelor party for a quick Half Day morning trip. It was a beautiful sunny day with light south winds. We caught some Flounder from 15 to 19 inch, Red Drum from 19 to 34 inch today and the other stuff like little Black Sea Bass, Oyster toads, Skates, Grunts, Croaker and such. The Biggest Drum for the day wasn’t big enough for the Big Fish Virginia Citation Award but there out there and we’ll get them soon. The Big Red was released and swam off strong to fight another day. Lots of fun.

KeyDreams, Sun. 18 Sept. 2016, Flounder, Puppy Drum, Cobia, Grey Trout

We had a Mom and Dad get their kids out for some Family Fun Flounder fishing this morning for a half day trip. It was the youngest boys 7th birthday and he was a blast all morning. We finally had a short lay down of the waves and had a beautiful sunny morning with light southerly winds. Tropical Storm/Depression Julia has been lingering off the Eastern Coast messing up the weather for us lately. We spent the first couple hours catching Spot, Croaker, Roundheads, and little Grey Trout and the kids had a ball. I love seeing our next generation getting excited about fishing. Fishing is so much better than getting emotionally involved with an electronic device you hold in your hand. We spent the second half of the trip looking for something bigger. The kids where surprisingly quick at learning the techniques and strong for their size and I believe out-fished Mom and Dad. They caught Flounder up to 19 ½”, Puppy Drum up to 25”, Baby Cobia, Grey Trout up to 15”, Roundheads, Spot, Croaker, Baby Seabass, Puffer Fish, Oyster Toad, and they got just as excited about everyone. What a Blast, lots of fun.

KeyDreams, Sat 19 Nov 2016, Striper and Tog Fishing

We were blessed with the wind laying down and a beautiful Sunny Day on a Saturday. We took advantage of this and did some Striper and Tog fishing. It was a finicky bite, but there was plenty of nibblers to steel our baits. We managed a couple keeper Striper up to 31 inches and a nice Tog. GrandPa showed us how to catch the Striper today. We also caught around a dozen little Black Drum while tog fishing along with plenty of little Black Sea Bass the pesky Toadies. Beautiful Day on the Chesapeake Bay with calm seas, sunshine and good company.


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